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Thinking outside of the custody box

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Child Custody |

Your family is unique, and divorce isn’t going to change that. The right custody solutions that meet all your family’s needs may not be the typical cookie-cutter co-parenting plans recommended by your friends or even the courts.

In this situation, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to your child custody arrangements. One less common but often useful scenario is “bird’s nest” parenting. The name derives from the way that both bird parents use the nest to fly in and out and meet their baby birds’ needs. Below is more information about how it could work for you.

Kids remain in one home

Children can find the continual transitioning from mom’s home to dad’s house to be both disruptive and destabilizing. By the time they’ve regained their equilibrium, it’s time to reshuffle again. With bird’s nest parenting, it’s the parents who move in and out of the former family home where the children remain secure in their own beds and rooms.

No need to buy double

Parents never have to worry that the cleats Junior needs for football practice are over at Dad’s when it’s his week at Mom’s. Expensive equipment like computers and gaming systems don’t need to be duplicated in two homes. This is really important if there’s a special needs child with prohibitively expensive equipment like a Hoyer lift that can cost thousands of dollars.

Why it might be problematic

If you choose this option, what will happen if or when either former spouse develops a relationship with a new partner? It could get awkward sharing the same rotating spaces. Also, the expense can be a major factor because the co-parents might have to foot the bills for three households (or share apartment space for their own downtime).

Explore all your custody options

The courts will never order controversial child custody agreements. But they can be persuaded to sign off on arrangements agreed upon by the parents. Explore all your options to determine the best fit for your family.