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Your child can actually benefit from your divorce 

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2022 | Divorce |

You know that one of the harder parts of being a parent is choosing what is best for your child. Getting a divorce may seem like it would be bad for your child, but it could actually be better in the long run. Staying in a relationship longer than you want can be unhealthy for everyone involved, including your child. 

Your child’s early years are full of growth. They respond to the emotional stability of the people around them. If your relationship with your spouse is full of conflict, avoidance or trauma then your child will grow up with harmful expectations of life.

Changing your child’s environment to reflect how you want them to grow can be healthy for your child. So what will your child experience from your divorce? Consider this:

You’re giving your child a more stable life 

You may think that staying in a relationship, that you to which you are no longer committed, is better for your child. The mere idea that your child’s life is being upset by a divorce may push you away from taking steps toward a divorce, yet it is this same relationship that makes your child’s life unstable. 

Children easily respond to their environment and can see when people are constantly upset. This drives your child to see the world as unhappy and uncontrollable. They often sense the instability under the surface and react even worse when those tensions bubble up where they can be seen.

Leaving a toxic relationship causes a breath of fresh air to sweep into your child’s life. Their emotional growth will increase based on how you react to the divorce. If your reactions are positive and optimistic, they may follow your lead. Seeing that you wanted to change for the better makes your child see that they have control over their lives and what a healthy relationship can be.

Wanting what is best for your child takes a lot to accomplish. If you know your child is affected by the unhealthy relationship between you and your spouse then don’t wait. There are many steps to take to ensure your divorce is properly resolved, giving you and your child a happier healthier life.