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Making divorce and parental separation easier for very young kids

On Behalf of | May 19, 2022 | Divorce |

Children experience many emotional and mental effects when their parents get a divorce. Young toddlers and even babies can sense that something is different at home. If they receive no reassurance from their parents, these feelings can linger, affecting their lives for years or decades.

Most parents want to minimize the issues that often arise in young children during and after divorce. Unfortunately, they usually do not know how to start this ongoing process.

These transition tips can help

Talk about the divorce with your young kids. Explain that even though you and your co-parent will be living apart, you both love them and will remain a part of their lives. Other tips for explaining parental separation while keeping your children reassured include:

Use simple sentences to explain custody exchanges

For example, tell your toddler or baby that they will spend the night with their other parent at a new home and come back the next day.

Both homes should have a special place for the kids

The parent that moves away should create a space for their children and display photos of each parent in the child’s room.

Always keep custody exchanges civil

The way co-parents treat each other when exchanging custody can affect whether the child dreads or looks forward to these exchanges. Save your arguments for a time when the children are not around.

There is no such thing as too much love and reassurance

With your care and attention, your children will likely become accustomed to their new living arrangements and short periods of parental separation. In the meantime, shower them with love and reassure them frequently that you will both always be there for them.

Learning more about your child custody options when divorcing in Illinois can ensure you create an arrangement that benefits you and your children.