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3 ways you and your fiance can protect yourselves with a prenup

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2022 | Prenuptial agreements |

Discussions of prenuptial agreements often conjure images of wealthy people trying to preserve their personal property when they get married. However, many typical middle-class professionals would also benefit from signing prenuptial agreements. 

In direct contrast to the stereotype of the document only protecting the wealthier person, it can actually equally benefit both parties. What are some of the ways that you and your fiance can protect yourselves by drafting a prenuptial agreement? 

You can protect certain property

You don’t need to have millions of dollars worth of personal assets to see the value in protecting some of your property as your separate assets. In a prenuptial agreement, you can set aside your retirement accounts as your separate property or the house that you already owned when you met your fiance. 

You can prevent an expensive divorce

The more emotional you become during the divorce process, the more you might fight and increase the costs of divorcing. A prenuptial agreement allows you to impose specific rules for property division, spousal support and even child custody so that you don’t have to fight over those issues when you divorce. 

You clarify what you want from marriage

Few things set you up for marital failure as quickly as going into marriage with very different expectations. 

Although you shouldn’t include too many personal requests in a prenuptial agreement, you can clarify your expectations for the marital relationship and what each of you will contribute to the household. When you both have the same expectations, you are less likely to butt heads about disagreements later. 

Prenuptial agreements can benefit both parties as they start preparing for marriage. Drafting prenuptial agreements and other family law documents can be a way for you to protect yourself even in your most intimate relationships.