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Work With A Certified Family Mediator

I am certified to mediate child custody and property issues in divorce and separation cases, and post judgment matters. Through mediation, I assist the parties in creating an agreement that settles the major issues in separation or divorce and meets the needs of both parents and their children.

I founded my firm, Downs Law Firm, so that I could provide my clients with one-on-one attention for the issues that matter. I offer accessible mediation services that work to ensure your voice is heard, and assist you in creating a solution to resolve ongoing conflict.

The Benefits Of Mediation

As a mediator, I am committed to listening to the parties’ concerns and assisting the parties in reaching an agreement that they both find mutually acceptable.

While mediation is often a requirement of divorce and custody concerns, there are significant advantages to working out your issues via this process instead of in court. These benefits include:

  • Mediation is more private than litigation as there are no public records of what happens in mediation.
  • Mediation is more flexible and less formal than a trial.
  • Mediation is often less contentious because both parties can work together to resolve issues.
  • Mediation can be less expensive than having numerous hearings and a court case.

Mediation offers an alternative to the sometimes bitter and frustrating process that often accompanies separation and divorce. I have helped numerous couples find solutions that work through the mediation process.

Get The Advantages Of Mediation

If you would like to have a mediator assist you in resolving your disputes, please call my office today to set up an appointment. Call 618-505-2495. You may also send me an email indicating your interest in mediation.