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Can your current custody order be modified?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2022 | Family Law |

For parents, the most important part of the divorce process tends to be settling child custody matters. In amicable situations, both parents are often able to come up with a suitable arrangement. Failing that, the court will step in and draft a custody order based on the best interests of the child.

In any case, the custody arrangement that comes out of the divorce procedure is legally binding. Both parents must stick to it unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Some time after the divorce, it feels like the custody order no longer meets the best interests of your child. Can it be modified?

Is your child safe?

The definition of the best interests of the child varies from state to state. However, one commonality is safety. If there is any present risk to the safety of the child, then the family court will consider modifying custody. For instance, if there is credible evidence of emotional or physical abuse.

Do you need to move away?

You embarked on your chosen career path to provide a better life for your family and opportunities for your child. You’ve been given an opportunity for promotion, and the money from this could really benefit your child. While there are no guarantees, the court will certainly consider modifying custody when a relocation is necessary or in the child’s best interests.

Custody orders are binding but life is constantly changing. The family courts are aware of this, which is why they will consider custody modifications in some circumstances. To find out more about this or for help asserting your parental rights, it may benefit you to seek some legal guidance.